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Weeding Out Mediocrity

Hiring experienced sales people is among the hardest hire in the world.  It’s easy to spot the poor sales people.  They can be filtered at the early stages based on their resumes or first phone interview.  The mediocre sales people are the ones you have to watch out for.  They’re often good enough in the early stages to seem like good sales people because they’ve learned to walk the walk.  But that doesn’t mean they’ll serve you as well as great sales people – the type you really want. Continue reading “Weeding Out Mediocrity”

Don’t let the outlier get you down

For stand-up comics, the ultimate challenge is the heckler.  In sales, we have hecklers too; and they can make a mess of your presentation if you’re not careful.

I remember a workshop for which I was retained to present in Orlando early in my career as a sales & marketing consultant – a three-hour education session with over 300 attendees, each of which having paid a handsome sum to be in my audience. Continue reading “Don’t let the outlier get you down”

Starting the Presentation Strong

While we’d all love to brag that every one of our presentations has gotten the results we wanted, there aren’t many of us who can truthfully say it has really happened.  We’ve all had our clunkers – and in those clunkers, we likely didn’t get the business.  It’s also likely that your trouble in those poor performances started in the first few minutes.

Those are very important minutes in your presentation for various reasons.

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Getting the Callback

According to InsideSales, the average response rate to voice mails is 4.8% — about one out of 20.  So if you have not received responses to most of your voice mail messages, you’re not alone.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make every attempt to get the highest response rate possible – especially since you probably spend 15% of your time leaving messages (according to RingLead).

So, how do you do it?  Here are a few tips that have positive impact on responses:

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Top 6 Productivity Tips for the Busy Revenue Achiever

Plan to Win

Time management is one of the best tools at your disposal.  You should have a grand plan for your year,which you can break down by quarter. Continue reading “Top 6 Productivity Tips for the Busy Revenue Achiever”

Key metrics for sales (an overview of typical metrics)

The metrics that are most important to sales attainment are generally similar, even if the statistics differ greatly from industry to industry and sales team to sales team. Here are the key metrics that almost any sales team can use to measure and analyze to enhance their success. Continue reading “Key metrics for sales (an overview of typical metrics)”

Keys to getting that important prospect meeting

It’s where the sale begins – getting access to the decision maker; and that’s also where the sale is most difficult. That’s right; the most difficult part is not the close. If you’ve done your job in early parts of the sale, the close should be straightforward. Continue reading “Keys to getting that important prospect meeting”

5 practices that will hurt your sales in 2017

Selling Selfishly

Although we call it a sales process; it’s really a purchasing process — and we, as sales professionals, are really only along for the ride.  We’re there to help our clients along their buying journey.  So make sure you keep the client’s interest in mind with everything you do. You’ll be more likely to win the deal — and create a client relationship that will last a long time. Continue reading “5 practices that will hurt your sales in 2017”

5 resolutions to beat your numbers in 2017

Create value before claiming any

Whenever you’re trying to get somebody else to do something, it’s about what you can do for them before what they can do for you.  That’s especially true with prospects.  Create value — not just the value of your product.  One of the best ways is to teach them something they don’t already know that can help them every day. Continue reading “5 resolutions to beat your numbers in 2017”

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