In baseball, instant replay now makes the difference between whether key runners are safe or out and whether the ball went foul or is a home run.  In football, the game can be decided by a kick that hits the goal post or by spotting the ball a few inches shy of or a few inches over the first down line.  No wonder so many sportscasters rely on the old saying, “It’s a game of inches.”

Business is the same way – especially when it comes to the activities that create revenue – and there’s nothing like revenue change that impacts success in a business.  Among the many examples:

  • If you wait a few minutes too long, your prospect may leave his office and miss your call
  • If you don’t make enough phone calls, you won’t reach enough prospects

To make the most out of the inches that affect you, you need to measure your activities; then act against the types of activities that have the most impact.  Generally, the saying is you can’t manage what you can’t measure.  With revenue and profit being the most important metrics, savvy leaders have found other metrics lead the revenue metric in the right (or wrong) direction.  Number of calls starts the process.  Number of reaches, number of meetings, and number of proposals are all high on the lists of most used and most important metrics.

What are you doing to measure these items?  And what are you doing to keep these metrics is the high achievement range?  In future posts, we’ll examine some of these metrics including best practices, key challenges and tweaks that help you achieve.

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