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Let’s start you off with a tool that we built: Confirmed™ Instant Scheduler™. We know that many people in your position make lots of meetings – often on the road, sometimes by phone or web. We know that you can use every edge getting the most important people to accept your offers to meet. And having done it ourselves for years, we also know that it often takes too much personal time to create the offers and takes too long after you send it until the meeting is actually confirmed. Confirmed Instant Scheduler handles all these issues and more. For instance, you can offer your prospect a choice of when to meet and a choice of where to meet, increase the likelihood that he’ll accept on the first email – so you’re eliminating the back-&-forth negotiating on time and place. There are a lot more benefits to using Confirmed; but we won’t go into them now.

Click here to try Confirmed Instant Scheduler Professional Edition free for 30 days.

Okay – so we started you off with a product that also helps us as well as you. In future posts, you’ll also get some that are independent of us, and that we don’t gain a nickel from promoting. We just think they’re great.

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