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That all important subject line helps secure that first meeting or phone call

Sending an email to request a meeting with a new prospect is fine (and often preferred) for many sales situations. Email gets through gatekeepers; and it lets you manage your time to get to more prospects than many other ways of reaching out.

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The most important word in your prospect’s vocabulary

It never fails to amaze how something as simple as using somebody else’s name can endear you to that person.  When you use their name, they know you are personalizing your conversation to them – and they knew you took the time to know their name, a fact that isn’t lost on most people.

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A Game of Inches

In baseball, instant replay now makes the difference between whether key runners are safe or out and whether the ball went foul or is a home run.  In football, the game can be decided by a kick that hits the goal post or by spotting the ball a few inches shy of or a few inches over the first down line.  No wonder so many sportscasters rely on the old saying, “It’s a game of inches.”

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